Applying tape ready for painting

  1. Before beginning to apply tape, the surface you’re applying to will need to be cleaned. Even the best painters tape will not stick properly if the surface is dusty or dirty. Run a damp cloth over the surface to remove all dust & dirt.
  2. We recommend ripping off short strips of tape (roughly a foot), it is easier to work with and allows you to be more accurate.
  3. Start to frame off the area you’re going to paint by carefully placing the tape so that it is flush with the wall. Overlap each strip of tape a little to ensure there are no gaps for paint to seep through.
  4. Once the tape is in place, using a putty knife or your fingers firmly press the tape down to make sure it is stuck in place. Don’t worry If the edge of the tape is hanging over the trim, if you’d prefer it out of the way just fold it down over the surface.
  5. Now you’re ready to paint!
  6. Once you have finished painting, remove the tape before the paint dries completely. If the paint becomes too dry, the tape can rip the paint film when it is removed.