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Introducing a versatile and robust option for your home or business: epoxy flooring. This hard-wearing material is ideal for bringing lasting style to any area, from garages and showrooms, to warehouses, kitchens – even car parks. Offering ease of cleaning as well as durability; it’s no wonder that this reliable solution has become the go-to choice when creating stunning floors in living rooms, granny flats and shopping centres alike.

SK Group Oz are the most trusted epoxy team in Sydney who deliver on what we promise – from start to finish and beyond. Our team makes your vision a reality by giving you complete confidence in our quality epoxy flooring services and transparent communication throughout the whole process.


Your Trusted Team in Sydney for Epoxy Floor Painting 

We know everyone says this, but we really aren’t your average epoxy applicators – we’re far from that. Every project we undertake is a product of our passion for what we do.

Our experienced hands will transform your garage floor and add wonderful colour with a flake finish to hide all the imperfections of your concrete flooring with painting. Most importantly – we see your satisfaction as our success. That’s why we deliver the results you expect and more, with every stroke.

We even move all leftover materials to a designated spot and silicon all timber skirtings to the concrete slab once we have finished the final coat.

Epoxy Flooring is becoming the ever popular choice among residential and commercial property owners

Epoxy flooring services provide a durable and attractive flooring option for many homes and businesses. Epoxy coatings are applied in multiple layers and form a hard, resilient surface that is resistant to wear and tear and is easy to clean. This type of flooring is highly resistant to water, oil, and other liquids, making it ideal for areas where spills and other accidents may occur. 

Epoxy flooring services also allows you a variety of colours and finishes to choose from, making it easy to customise the look of any space. Additionally, epoxy flooring services can provide a long–lasting and cost–effective solution for heavy traffic applications like industrial spaces.

Reasons to Get Epoxy Flooring Sydney

Epoxy flooring is highly valued for its numerous benefits, particularly in commercial, industrial, and even residential settings. Here’s why epoxy flooring is often chosen:

  • Long-lasting and Strong: Epoxy makes concrete floors smooth and durable, ready to carry heavy weights and last for a long time. 
  • Easy to Clean: With its seamless surface, epoxy floors don’t hold dust or dirt, making them ideal for clean places like hospitals and kitchens. 
  • Tough Against Spills: It stands up well against acids, cleaners, and spills, which is great for labs, garages, and industrial areas. 
  • Safe: Epoxy floors can be made slip-proof and resistant to fire and heat, increasing safety in homes and workplaces. 
  • Looks Good: Available in many colours and styles, epoxy can make any space look better, offering shiny to matte finishes. 
  • Cost-effective: Although upfront costs are higher, its durability and low upkeep make it a money-saving choice in the long run. 
  • Clean and Hygienic: Its seamless design means no cracks or joints where germs and mould can grow, keeping areas sanitary. 
  • Water-Resistant: Good for places that might get wet, like basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. 
  • Brightens Spaces: Its high-gloss option reflects light, brightening areas and possibly cutting down on extra lighting needs. 
  • Versatile: Epoxy can go over various surfaces, like concrete and metal, making old floors new and protecting them.

Our Process

Getting the Floor Ready
The most important part is preparing the floor. It needs to be clean, dry, and without any dirt or oil. We might clean it deeply, use a high-pressure water spray, or steam. If there are any cracks or damage, we fix them.

Making the Floor Rough
Next, we make the floor a bit rough so the epoxy sticks well. This can be done by grinding or blasting the surface. This step gets rid of any small surface issues and makes sure the epoxy will stick properly.

Putting on a Primer
Sometimes, we put a primer on the floor first. This can make the epoxy stick better, help with moisture, and make the final layer smoother.

Mixing the Epoxy
We mix the epoxy resin and hardener just before we use it, following the maker’s instructions. This mix needs to be used quickly before it starts to set.

Applying the Epoxy
We then put the epoxy on the floor with rollers, brushes, or tools for spreading. We make sure it’s spread evenly to avoid any bubbles and to get a smooth finish. Sometimes, we might need to add more than one layer, letting each one dry before adding the next.

Adding Colours or Flakes
If a decorative look is wanted, we can add coloured flakes or chips into the wet epoxy. This needs to be done while the epoxy is still sticky so everything sticks together well.

Our Services

We provide various flooring services for your property, such as:

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete floor resurfacing services are a low-cost option for repairing and restoring damaged concrete surfaces. Cleaning the existing surface is followed by the application of a new layer of concrete or other material over the top. This can help to strengthen the structure while also improving its appearance and providing a non-slip surface. It is an excellent choice for both commercial and residential spaces, and it can help to reduce long-term maintenance costs.

Count on Sydney’s Trusted Epoxy Floor Painting Contractors

Sydney’s #1 Epoxy Flooring Experts

SK Group Oz provides epoxy flooring services for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We specialise in all types of epoxy flooring in Sydney, offering strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal to any area. From homes to offices, garages to showrooms, and even parking lots, this long-lasting yet easy-to-clean solution is perfect for any area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Epoxy floor paint?

Epoxy paint is an excellent choice for covering the exterior areas of your home including patio floors, the garage or even basements. Epoxy floor coating is different from regular exterior paint. Epoxy is an adhesive or other material created as a polymer of epoxides. “Epoxy” is a term that is usually used to describe coatings created from a combination mix of two different chemicals, referred to as “resin.” There are many benefits which come from using epoxy floor paint compared to using other types of resins for flooring. It is the highest strength of resin in the industry, delivering a strong bond between the resin and reinforcement. As a result, it can last you for years.

How to prepare the floor for Epoxy paint?

Preparing your floor is the first step before applying your epoxy floor. A thorough cleaning is vital to ensure epoxy paint is applied correctly. If you’re working in an area with a concrete base, you must fill in cracks before you start to clean. Oil spots must also be removed and the floor will need to be degreased.

In the event that you are applying epoxy over an existing coating, make sure that it is bonded to the floor. It is imperative to remove any loose coating completely, and to sand the edges to a feathered edge. Sand the entire floor until no gloss remains.

Use a broom or vacuum to thoroughly rid your flooring of any remaining dust and debris.

Prime your flow with an adhesion-based primer if your floor has not been previously coated.

Is Epoxy floor paint slippery?

As with any glossy surface, epoxy floors can get slippery when wet. Fortunately there’s a solution to combat the problem. Epoxy floors can be laid down with anti-skin additives which include silica sand, coloured quartz to polymer grit, making the floor slip resistant.

Should I paint or Epoxy my garage floor?

If you’re looking to protect your concrete garage from damage, an epoxy floor coating might be what you need. Not only is it an affordable solution, but it can offer you many benefits. We list them below:

Affordability – Since epoxy can be applied directly over concrete, installation costs are lower than others.

Resistance – Once applied, epoxy floors are highly resistant to a range of fluids including oil, gasoline, bleach, transmission fluid, cleansers and more. This makes garage clean ups effortless.

Durability & Longevity – Epoxy flooring has a longer lifespan than concrete alone. When installed properly, it can last you decades without cracking or peeling.

Protective – Epoxy coating can protect the underlying concrete from moisture, mould, stains, grease and cracks, saving you a great deal on maintenance and cleaning costs.