Enhance Your Home with the Best Residential Skylights

Enhance your home’s appeal with our premium skylight services. Leading you to a brighter, and more energy efficient space. At SK Group Oz, we’ve equipped a range of Sydney homes with this effective sustainability feature. As we take a personalised approach, you can trust our ability to understand and tailor our installations to your wants and needs.

From small to larger scale projects, we adapt all our solutions to meet every space.

How Can a Skylight Benefit My Home? 

Custom residential skylights do more than just sit on your roof. They bring natural light into your home, enhancing your living space.

See how a skylight in your home can make the world of a difference:



Skylights are designed for you to use less electricity. This green upgrade then makes your home more environmentally friendly.

Reduced Energy Bills

Skylights let in lots of sunlight, so you don’t need to use electric lights as much. This can help you save money on your electricity bills.

Enhanced Natural Light

Skylights bring in more sunlight to brighten up your home naturally. This makes your rooms look nicer and feel more comfortable.

Our Skylight Options

We understand that there is not one answer to installing a new skylight. Which is why, our team offers various types of skylights to fit any type of roof and room.

Our flexible skylight products cover energy efficiency. While ensuring durability and adherence to Aussie standards.

  • Fixed Skylights: Perfect for hallways and rooms where additional ventilation isn’t necessary.
  • Openable Skylights:  Otherwise known as operable skylights, for residential properties these are ideal with flat roofs. Alongside commonly found in areas needing more ventilation, such as bathrooms.

Residential Dome Skylights: Fitted to match the existing architecture. All while keeping the light spread evenly within your home.

Why SK Group Oz for Skylight Installations?

Unmatched Industry Experience

Choosing the right skylight installer is about finding someone who understands your home. We’re backed with years of experience serving Sydney. Which is why, we’ll perfectly identify the needs of the space.

Energy Efficiency

We use the latest technology and innovative designs. This ensures our skylights offer the highest levels of energy efficiency. Our products not only meet but exceed Australian standards for energy conservation.

Professional Installation

From the initial consultation, we remain committed to skylights that capture quality. Whether this ranges from small to large skylights for residential properties. So you can enjoy this premium feature for the long term.

Upgrade your Home Today

At SK Group Oz, we’re committed to enhancing your home. See some of our solutions below:

Residential painting: Refresh your home with our residential painting service, bringing new life and colour to your space.

Roof Painting: Our roof painting service enhances your home’s durability and curb appeal, with top-quality paints.

Roof restoration repair: Fix and strengthen your roof with our expert roof restoration repair. This protects your home against the elements.

High pressure cleaning: Brighten up your property quickly with our high pressure cleaning service.

Colour consultation: Choose the perfect colours for your home, with help from our expert colour consultation service.

Welcome in Natural Light, With Us

Looking to get started on your residential skylight roof? Turn to us. We’ll provide a comprehensive consultation of your home. This allows us to understand your needs, and analyse your home’s structure.

Our in depth solutions pinpoint the right locations for a skylight. So you can embrace light and fresh air, great lighting, and a more energy efficient environment.

Reach out to our experts today!