How to paint windows & trims

Step One: Window Preparation

  • Preparation is a must. Firstly, you need to ensure the window is clean – you can do this by washing over the window with sugar soap using a clean cloth or sponge. If the window was previously painted, you will need to scrape off any loose paint and gap any areas in need to allow for smooth application. Next, you need to completely sand the window and remove any sanding residue.
    Remember: you do not need to use pressure, allow the sandpaper to do most of the work here.
  • Time to tape the area! Masking tape is great for this, tape the surrounding areas to avoid paint splatter and accidents.

Step Two: Paint Preparation

  • A step that is often forgotten, your paint needs to be stirred before you dip your brush into it! Stir your paint with a flat stirrer. If you don’t have a paint stirrer, an old ruler or something similar will work just fine.

Step Three: Application

  • Dip your brush halfway into the paint and you can easily remove any excess paint by tapping the brush on the side of the can. Remember to work quickly, paint next to the glass around the sills first using long brush strokes. Try to avoid any short harsh strokes as they tend to show up in the finished product.
  • Next up, work around the window frame until you finish with the timber against the wall.
  • Allow at least two hours between coats and leave the window open for 24 hours before closing to avoid the window sticking.
  • All done, Clean up and enjoy the finished product!