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SK Group Oz is a residential painting company providing clients with outstanding quality and value end-to-end painting services.

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Residential Painting in Sydney

Interior Painting

Interior painting is a great way to make your home look stylish and inviting. It can give your home a brand new look and feel, and it can also help to freshen up the look of old rooms. If you’re looking for an affordable way to give your home a makeover, interior painting is an excellent choice.

Exterior Painting

Exterior house painting is another great way to give your home a facelift. Exterior painting can improve the look and feel of your home’s exterior, while also providing protection from the elements. It can also add to the overall value of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Roof Painting

And don’t forget about your roof! Roof painting can help to protect your home from the elements while also giving it a stylish update. With a variety of paints and finishes available, you can easily find the perfect look to refresh your home’s exterior.

Restoration Painting

Home restoration painting is a great way to give your home a new look and feel while also adding value to it. With a variety of paints and finishes available, you can easily find the perfect look to give your home a modern update or a classic look.

Floor Painting

Do you want to add a unique and eye-catching touch to your home or business? Floor painting is the perfect way to do just that! With floor painting, you can create a stunning design that will bring life to any room. Our floor painting services are customized to fit your needs and will be sure to make a lasting impression.

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If you want to give a new appearance to your house and renew it with colour, we are the experts you need. 

SK Group Oz is dedicated to providing the best painting services with the highest quality and standards. With our skilled team of professionals and various paint finishes and colour schemes, we want to create new spaces full of colour.

Our certified painters only use the highest quality paints, materials and advanced equipment in brush, roller and spray painting to deliver the best results.

Types of project we provide:

  • Stand-alone houses
  • Strata buildings
  • Terraces
  • Semi-detached houses
  • Duplexes
  • Townhouses

Interiors and exteriors on their best version

Whether it is for interior or exterior painting, we have the best team to renew your spaces.

For interior painting services, we can bring out the personality of the different rooms of your house, each one of them with special attention to detail and with extra care to create a room that looks and feels fresh, modern and clean.

On exterior painting, it must be considered that it can be more complex due to brickwork, weathering, wood and other environmental elements, so exterior painting is a world much different from painting the wall of a room.

For this type of painting it is highly recommended that it be done by the hands of an experienced painter to ensure that your property ends up with the best results.

Is important to consider that by being on the outside, there must be a good quality paint that is capable of resisting the elements that may affect the painting and it is also recommended to perform the residential painting with adequate equipment and with the necessary security measures.

DIY vs.
Professional Painting

Why choose professional painting services if I can do it myself? Well, hiring professional painters for residential painting can have many benefits, some of which are:

Safety and experience

Painting can involve working at heights, handling chemicals and using specialized equipment. A professional team of painters will have the necessary safety training and equipment to ensure that the job is done safely.

Professional painters have years of experience and expertise in their field and can offer advice on the best products and techniques to use to achieve the desired results.


While hiring professional painters may seem like an added expense, it can be cost-effective in the long run.

You can find an affordable painter that with their expertise  can help you choose the right materials and techniques to reduce the need for touch-ups and repainting in the future.


Painting can be a time-consuming task, especially if you’re inexperienced or have a big home. Hiring professional painters can save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on other important projects.

Quality Results

Professional painters use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure the best finish that will last for years to come. They also take great care to protect your home and belongings during the painting process.

Professional painting services

For commercial and residential painting services and other services like:

SK Group is your partner on your next painting project. We are the company for you if you need residential painting services in Sydney and throughout all of New South Wales with great painting reviews from our clients.

By choosing with us you will find a partner to create new and fresh spaces with a splash of colour. 

So to start this painting journey, contact us so we can start working together!

Why Choose SK Group Oz?

Result Oriented
We are dedicated to achieving the best results.

Our passion for what we do drives us to accomplish every project with flying colours.

Attentive Tradesmen
We are trained and experienced painters who listen and care.

Highest Quality Workmanship
Our team only use the highest quality painting products for your business, office or retail shopfront.

15 Years Warranty
We offer a 15-year warranty on selected work and products to guarantee the highest standard of results.

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Our commercial and residential painters are continually praised for their meticulous attention to detail and dedication to bringing your property to life.

Our years of experience in the industry and combined knowledge and expertise have given us a reputation as one of NSW’s leading residential painting companies. No matter the complexity of your next project, we will tailor our end-to-end services to ensure your painting requirements are met.

With all this considered, our painters at SK Group Oz pride themselves on getting the job right the first time around and upholding excellent customer satisfaction.

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